Co-Active Life Coaching

Co-Active Life Coaching is a personal coaching model that meets you where you are at and pushes you to meet the goals that you set for yourself. Through building a co-creative alliance in an hour and a half discovery session, you establish your goals and what you want from your personal coach. Don’t worry, if time is an issue, the discovery session can be split into time frames that suit your needs. Coaching can be fun, invite’s life back into routine, challenges you to see your limitations and find ways around them, and hopefully will stimulate your soul and mind. You get to set the pace and expectations of your coaching journey. Just to warn you, I will challenge you to step into your fullest potential.  Most coaching is done over the phone so you can get your sessions from the comfort of your own home.  I do however ask that you are in a quiet space as we use guided imagery and do perspective work from time to time which you will need to be able to concentrate.  What is perspective work?  Well, for example, say you are feeling stuck in a certain area and run out of ideas of how to push through it, I ask you to change perspective using guided imagery and other tools to move you into a different space.  If you would like to see how it works, please call for your introductory session. 🙂

Some reasons that past coachee’s have sought coaching are:

  • Career dissatisfaction
  •  Becoming a new parent
  • Newly Married
  • Newly Divorced
  • Writer’s Block
  • Artist’s Block
  • Musician’s Block
  • Loss
  • Recovery
  • Care giver burnout
  • Mom’s struggling to connect with their children
  • Youth searching for ways to set limits with peers
  • Mom’s who want more time
  • Youth looking for a future plan post-grad
  • Youth struggling with distance learning
  • Youth feeling loss because of seclusion away from friends
  • Youth uncertain of life transition between childhood/adolescence and adolescence to adulthood.
  • Youth future planning
  • Sense of belonging and purpose
  • Chemical dependency in the family unit
  • Anxiety/School anxiety
  • Identifying Feelings
  • Failing at school
  • Young artists
  • College Prep
  • Motivation
  • Brand building
  • Youth in the arts

These reasons are just a few.  Although my specialty is coaching creative moms and their youth, I will coach anyone who is a good fit.  If we both decide we are not a good fit and you are not satisfied, I promise to find you a suitable match for your needs.  Coaching is a great gift that you can give to yourself.  Coaching is also a professional occupation.  Everything that is discussed is kept completely confidential and best practices are ensured for the utmost professionalism.  None of your personal information or content of your coaching will ever be discussed outside of you and your coach unless you sign a waiver for recording purposes for International Coach Federation credentialing. This happens rarely however and you will be asked for permission before doing so.

Some things that you can start doing today for yourself:

Keep a daily journal of your thoughts.  Pay attention to what you tell yourself in the morning, afternoon and night.  Sometimes our thoughts change as the day progresses.  If you can keep track of your thoughts, you will start to understand your limitations.

Place affirmations around your house.  Where ever you are bound to look, hang an affirmation there so that you can remind yourself how beautiful, creative and whole you already are.  The first step to taking the first step in change is to believe that you are capable of change.  😀

Keep lists.  What are your dreams?  Goals?  Passions?  Hobbies?  List them out, seeing is believing.  What do you need to do today to accomplish one thing, five things, etc.  Life should be fun so make sure some of the things you have listed are fun and will breathe life into what you are doing.  Think ahead into your future self, look back and see what you missed in life.  Write that down.

Love yourself!!!!  Be the love that you seek to bring into your life.  You have to be to receive.

For more guided instruction, call for your complimentary introductory session.

Coach Heather

What Can You Expect From Life Coaching?

You can expect regular check in’s scheduled at times that work with your schedule.

You can expect that I will hold you accountable and hold space for you to keep you on track.

You can expect confidentiality.  Everything that is discussed will be sacred and will be shared between client and coach only, except when otherwise specified that you sign off on personally.

You can expect professionalism.  If our sessions are not working for you for some reason, I will do my best to accommodate your situation or if you decide my services aren’t for you, I will find a best fitting coach for you.  I believe that personal coaching is needed in our world and I would rather you find a coach that fits your needs than not have one at all.

You can expect to feel uncomfortable at times (if I am doing my job effectively).  Coaching is challenging, it is my duty to push the limits, and also respect you too.  It is up to us to build the coach/coachee relationship through time.  During our discovery session, we will discuss rules and boundaries.

You can expect at least a 24 hour notice if for some reason I would have to cancel.  I also would expect the same from you, just a courtesy call is sufficient.

You can expect me to do my best as a coach.  You can expect authenticity, respect, compassion, intuition and transparency.

Lastly, you can expect to grow.  Isn’t that what hiring a coach is all about?  For you to stretch and grow with the help of your very own cheerleader. You will have to put some work into so expect at least two hours a week, hopefully more like 5 hours a week to get there quicker.

Coach Heather

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