Silent Moon Mission and Vision


Silent Moon Coaching Service’s mission is to help people take an inward journey to find their own answers that will create a life in which they feel authentically at choice, empowered, fulfilled and in charge.


Silent Moon’s vision is to use natural places, the arts, writing and animals to help people connect with their truth, their voice, their talents and communities through Co-Active Life Coaching.


Creativity is the forest of our humanity. Art and music help us connect with our roots and horses accompany us on our journey, carrying our burdens and providing companionship. Throughout history, horses have lifted us with myth, guided our sub-conscious mind in dream time, assisted in the construction of cities, provided transportation, and chaperoned in peace and war. They have patiently waited on the night time sidelines of dancing campfires throughout history while humans commenced in drum circles, singing life trials, and painting life with ancient story brushes hoping to imprint future generations with acquired knowledge and skill. They lead us into creation with the cadence of hoof beats that sound like drumming, summoning wisdom and connection to the divine. Silent Moon’s creativity based Co-Active Life Coaching service’s are for people that want change and are ready to step into making their dreams manifest. Human’s are natural beings part of the environment, not separate from it. Silent Moon seeks to use nature based mediums to assist you on your journey to create a life that brings you joy, fulfillment and positive challenges that will empower and inspire you.

Our philosophy was born out of Heather’s personal life-long experience connecting with horses, getting lost in art, and traveling with Renaissance Festivals around the United States in the 1990’s. “As a youth, I was lucky to learn from life experiential’s while traveling with a creative community. The journey changed my life through campfire conversations, drum jams, developing trust while rock climbing, river rafting, cars breaking down, and real friendships.  Natural rhythms of water, air and earth comforted our downtown and deepened our learning and what it all meant in the grand scheme of life.  From the desert in Arizona to the waters in Florida, the community grew my curiosity about expansive life and gave me experiences that changed my views and helped to realize that I choose what I want to create. This is the ground that sprouts the seeds of my coaching”. Coach Heather

Sometimes youth may not know what the next step is after high-school graduation, or they may have many interests and unsure where to put their time and energy. We also coach parents who want to support their youth but maybe feel over-burdened with responsibility, or maybe want help navigating the changing relationship with their evolving youth and are looking to make actions to improve their relationships with their teens. Whether parent or youth, we strive to help you design a fulfilling partnership and creative life with your unique situation.

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