Morning Pages

I highly suggest doing morning pages. They really do help remove creative blocks and if you stick with it, you will find they help invoke what you truly want in your life and set an intention each day. When I do mine, it makes a world of difference for focusing on what I need to get accomplished, more positive interactions with people, less anxiety, more creative ideas, clearer communication, more laughter, a higher level of passion and commitment at work, more meaningful connections, deeper meaning in life in general, more happiness, less stress and an over all better day. I know the book is not new by any means and I have used it in several different periods in my life but check out Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way. You will not be sorry. She gives lots of pointers and prompts for the morning, suggests taking your inner child on an artist date and also helps you visualize who you want to become and accept who you are. It’s a read that is well worth it. I swear by this method. Thanks and create a beautiful day. ūüôājulia

Morning Pages for 10-5-2018

I am struggling with finding my balance between speaking up against injustice and being¬† a life coach.¬† In my nature, I am a coach who loves to remain in possibility, unity and positivity.¬† I still have hope for a better future and want to help people make their goals attainable and to see the magic in life.¬† On the other hand, I feel I need to speak up against ignorance, injustice, and old ways of thinking.¬† Finding a balance in between is difficult for me as dealing with the latter doesn’t always seem positive.¬† How do we stay in balance when the energies of the planet often seem too much for us to balance?¬† How do we stay professional when dealing with the more negative energies at play?¬† This is what I am struggling with as of late.¬† I feel like there are two separate worlds happening right now; the world of social media, and the immediate world outside my door.¬† When I open the door to meet the street, I see peace and tranquility.¬† I have never had a T.V. and surely don’t believe in them.¬† So without the internet and social media, my life is pretty tranquil.¬† Then I log into social media and all I see is separation.¬† Messages of fear and of not belonging.¬† In contrast, the two are worlds away from each other.¬† I feel depressed when I read social media.¬† It brings my usual good spirits to a lull and dulls my senses.¬† I feel like it’s a great social psych experiment to see the human psyche on a new level that we have never experienced before.¬† I just now thought about a movie that could be created about Meme leadership.¬† Wouldn’t that be an interesting movie?¬† ¬†Meme’s cause¬† WWIII , the rise of Memeship to the path of war.¬† Memes are causing quite a stir on social media and people seem addicted to the misinformation.¬† This is why I love morning pages because I can let the ideas flow with no judgement.¬† When my mind reaches a non-active minute, I can write anything until the next real idea comes up until three pages unfold like magic.¬† Writing is a friendly healer.¬† I don’t like getting into politics because it’s a subject that seems to throw flames and cause separation between people.¬† But as a coach, I feel that not only my own integrity needs to stand up for what’s right, but also the world after we all leave it needs an advocate.¬† Yes my soul is a positive soul.¬† Yes it is generous, loving, kind, supportive, encouraging, calm, gentle, magical, mystical, imaginative, fun, funny, and well spoken, but advocating for what’s right drives me down a road that reaches the opposite of all those good qualities in me.¬† It reaches a place of self loathing, obsessive self reflection, doubt, shame, and of serious moral discernment.¬† I guess the awareness that results from serious debate over our moral core compass are necessary as humanity evolves, but the process does not escape pain while we lose friends and family members over issues that are beyond our emotions.¬† They speak to ill teachings through generations of misguided¬† dream seekers, stumbling on accumulated hope passed down by oral representations of excited grandparents.¬† Connecting with the fire in hearts of travelers seeking a better life, I can see why they would hold onto such old teachings because of the fear of losing something they’ve gained but leaning into the uncertainty of life will gladly bring a ping of genie luck if a person still believes in magic.¬† But it’s risky to trust in the universe and believe in the evolution of humanity.¬† It feels good to connect with words again.¬† It’s been far too long and I’m certain the door is opening to the book I started last year and is begging for attention.¬† In conclusion, I will find my balance of advocacy and coaching and I believe the answer is rooted in training my voice to speak with love, passion, compassion and taking the time to put thought into what I am saying but still speak my truth.¬† The truth can be spoken with love, which takes time and I am worth it.¬† It’s a process that is begging for everyone to listen.¬† The end.¬† ¬†Heather L

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