The Silent Moon Coach

My niche:

Youth ages 8-18, young adults 18-24 and single parents. Coaching focus on youth self-esteem, youth future planning, nature-based coaching, equine-coaching, building relationships with animals and within families, single parents, mom’s in recovery, youth academic coaching, leadership development in youth, arts-based coaching, travel-based coaching, art business development, artist professional development, setting up art shows for individual artists, youth experiencing homelessness, non-profit employee coaching, non-profit/homeless services consultation.

Single parents ~creating goals around relationship building with kiddos, creativity coaching, time-management, smart goals, fulfillment, balance and perspective work, recovery plans, plan in action, holding your agenda while you discover what makes you light up.

Add What You Do
  • Hold space while you navigate your goals.
  • Designed alliance, co-created relationship.
  • Hold you accountable.
  • Guide you through your discovery.