Creating Healthy Relationships.

By viewing our relationships with those around us, especially our youth as a democratic partnership, we allow our youth to feel a sense of control in their environment.  It is a delicate balance isn’t it?  I am currently raising a teenager and support her development of independence yet still need her to do her chores.  Yes I would like for her to collaborate and cooperate however find myself sometimes being pushed to the edge of patience and often feel like my kindness is being taken advantage of.  Does this sound familiar to you?  Why is is so hard sometimes to get our kids to cooperate?  Well obviously they are pushing boundaries but also their friends are more important to them at this stage of the game.  I am still learning how to flow with her as we waver back and forth, give and take.  If you feel like this and other day to day cooperation is escaping you, or if you see your youth struggling and want to offer some coaching to them, please fill free to schedule a free coaching session.  We can coach you both or one at a time.  You can either email or schedule a calendly appt at

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Coach Heather