Morning Pages

I highly suggest doing morning pages. They really do help remove creative blocks and if you stick with it, you will find they help invoke what you truly want in your life and set an intention each day. When I do mine, it makes a world of difference for focusing on what I need to get accomplished, more positive interactions with people, less anxiety, more creative ideas, clearer communication, more laughter, a higher level of passion and commitment at work, more meaningful connections, deeper meaning in life in general, more happiness, less stress and an over all better day. I know the book is not new by any means and I have used it in several different periods in my life but check out Julia Cameron’s book The Artist’s Way. You will not be sorry. She gives lots of pointers and prompts for the morning, suggests taking your inner child on an artist date and also helps you visualize who you want to become and accept who you are. It’s a read that is well worth it. I swear by this method. Thanks and create a beautiful day. 🙂julia

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