Daily Writing Prompt

Daily Prompt:  Overcoming Self Sabotage in Relationships.

This week I’ve been reflecting on self sabotaging actions stemmed from beliefs about unworthiness of love and anxious attachment styles.  It’s difficult to navigate a relationship when one partner is striving to be healthy and honest and the second partner is still in unconscious stage of their growth cycle.  If the healthy partner is honest with feelings and communicates directly and the other partner is in denial, it can lead to healthy partners feelings of doubt, being unlovable, feeling crazy, and eventually hopeless.  People who are in denial about their behaviors use deflection, gas-lighting, false logic and are good at taking control of situations so that they don’t have to take responsibility for being in the relationship.  This cycle creates self sabotaging mechanisms for both partners and sets off action and reaction symbiosis.  Needs go unmet, the balance of power and harmony go off the scales and an unhealthy downward spiral begins.

Prompt for today:

Have you experienced self sabotage in your relationships?  How are you showing up in your relationships?  Are you being honest about your needs?  Is your  partner responding to them?  Are you responding to your partners needs?  How did you make it better for today?  Do you know that you are loved?  Happy writing!

Coach Heather

Daily Prompt for 6/28/2017: Spirit Speaking Through  Our Environment.

I am always amazed at the perfect timing my late father has in showing up in my life through other people, nature and the environment around me.  When I see cardinals, I think of my dad because they represent male ancestors to me personally and in many  cultures.  Shortly after my dad passed a hummingbird flew directly into my face; how often does that happen?  Any creature with wings is seen as a messenger from spirit because they have the ability of flight.  Hawks surround me almost every day.  It’s interesting to note also that the actions and height of the hawk when I see it represents a different meaning.  Like one time I was at odds with a friend and that day a little red tailed hawk was sitting on a phone line directly over where I drove and just as I reached under it with my car, it pooped.  HA!  Many times hawks and eagles are perched in trees as I ponder something significant in my life and on two occasions, when I was connecting with my late father through insight and prayer, I asked for a partner and both times I firstly saw two hawks flying together and then much later, almost a year after that, I asked for a partner again and saw two eagles circling ahead over the river.  In my current relationship, often when I think of my partner, a cardinal will shoot across the road and I think dad is telling me all is well in the spirit realm with my partnership.  Today though; TODAY, in the most significant way possible, I was going through an aha moment about the different ways I kill intimacy and push people away, my partner who has no idea about this  story I am about to tell you and who is 13 hours away from me texts me to tell me that an elderly couple asked if I know of a certain ice cream shop in Stillwater.  I had just told my partner that I was going to unplug from everything for a week because I need to focus on my healing journey as I feel lost right now, and then this text came in from whom I believe my late father has something to do with.  I believe my father has chosen this partner for me because every time I doubt this partnership, I get these insights from spirit, like the ice cream shop.  Now let me tell you about this ice cream shop.  This ice cream shop is significant because the last time that I laughed in person along with my father before he died was at this shop.  He was a semi driver and was on his way back home to South Carolina after dropping a load here.  He called me out of the blue and asked if I could meet him where his load was and then he would drive to Stillwater to get ice cream. My dads laughter was infectious and uproarious.  To hear it was to laugh along side him even if you didn’t see the humor of the thing.  I remember him smiling a lot that day and he told me he was proud of me.  I remember feeling in shock that I saw him because he didn’t get around here much after he left Wisconsin.  It was the last time drinking in a couple of slow moments together and enjoying the tranquility of the river behind us and the sun beaming down on us from the street.  I believe it was http://www.leosgrill.com if I’m not mistaken.  Any who, my partner mentioning this to me from so far away about an elderly couple seeking out ice cream at the last place I saw my dad alive was no accident.  I responded by paying attention to my thoughts and how they have been creating my own pain and suffering by pushing away people that I love based on ideas of abandonment and fear.  Then I was able to move past my mind and head into the spirit realm as I was reminded that no matter how far I get from center, whoever I am inside of me, that the spirit is very much alive in my environment and never lets be get drowned too much under water and also catches me when I fall.  I have to say how grateful I am to spirit and to my father who shows up in all forms, not just cardinals and hawks.  In the many times I thought he wasn’t listening while he was in his physical body, he sure listens to me now.

Daily Prompt for 2/11/2017

Write about how spirit shows up in your life.  Does it whisper to you?  How do you create meaning around these messages and how do you utilize the messages to get you through your times of sorrow, doubt, joy, struggle, hope, future planning, success…..etc..?  Thank you for reading this as I have a hard time exposing vulnerabilities.  I write to invite you to also be vulnerable with yourself.  I think it’s the only way to heal, to soften ourselves and not be afraid of what others think of us.  Healing is very personal and is for us.  Please soften, love, and connect through this reflection today.


Coach Heather



catwithpenDaily Prompt for 2/6/2017: Working the Bugs Out of Your System

We all struggle.  It’s the process of working out the kinks in our system, the attributes that need refining, our quirks that drive each other mad, our little dark spaces in our heads that we hide from each other.  We struggle next to each other, sometimes intermittently, sometimes simultaneously. Our struggle helps build our compassion.  It helps us see that we are not here in vain, that we are here for each other even though sometimes we feel alone.  It gives us worldly eyes that help us have empathy for another person who is struggling.  If we are aware, it helps us view our arrogance objectively to see it for what it is, to move past our selfishness and towards love, finally to transform the pain and give to others once we have broken through it.  But when we are in struggle, it feels like death and it’s hard to see an end to the darkness that we currently feel.  I am grateful for struggle because it helps me reach down to the center of the spiral that I am lead back to on my spiritual journey, to understand life and people with more meaning and empathy.  In community, everyone has their own perception of our actions, we have no control over how others view us.  On any given day, one person can tell us how cruel we are while another is praising us for our kindness and strength and it’s based on their past experiences and expectations and their perception of who we are.  We are all coming from different places and given times with different glasses seeing different lines; hues and tones and colors that were elusive at first but then upon further investigation, the painting as a whole was there all along.  Writing always helps me to process struggle and to remind myself that no matter what anyone says about me, I am a good person with loving intentions but maybe not the exact right words to express what I am feeling inside.  This is today’s prompt:

Write about struggle from a mouse’s point of view.  (or any other animal that resonates).  What did your day look like from the point of struggle and survival? What did you encounter and how did you make it through it to tell the story. If you’re having a hard time using an animal for the character of this prompt, then write it from a friends perspective.  Just write about struggle in a creative way.  Sometimes when we de-personalize the story, we can get super creative with it and it transforms us.  I would love to hear your stories.


Coach Heather.

Daily Prompt for 1/26/2017:  Road Trips.

When is the last time you took a road trip?  Did you have an agenda or was it spontaneous in nature? Today I spent 13 hours driving to another city and just as I watch the geography and camera lens change in front of me, the thoughts and visions that come to mind also change.  What I love so much about road trips is mental clarity, a stillness that doesn’t grip any one idea or cling to fears and doubts.  The road always has possibilities and hope within the sea of movement and constant current of traffic.  If a fear pops up, I blink, look to the other side of the van, and then a new possibility comes into view that I hadn’t seen while looking at the other side.  The view under a blanket of grey and small snow drops falling here and there challenges sight to go within deeper looking for meaning, not clinging to anything unknowable or material.  It feels easier to quench a tiny anxiety while moving around then it does just sitting in one place on earth; maybe it’s my nomadic soul that is hungry for exploration and will never be content with anything less than a peek experience.  Road trips are peek experiences for me.  The road is the enthusiastic parent who teaches me about the loving nature of the universe.  The one where everyone succeeds because it is vast and unlimited by conditions that humans create.  I see guides and angels in hawks that perch overhead waiting for their dinner, or a random kindness while getting gas on the interstate, or more profoundly, in a lady that once gave me the shoes off of her feet because I lost mine in a tornado.  I’ve left home myself and returned from road trips 100 different people, all transformed selves by the people and connections I made through exploring.

Prompt for 1/26/2017

Write about what road trips mean to you OR, pick a significant road trip and write about that one experience.  I am curious how you have been bent, reshaped, molded and transformed by these experiences.  Give the juicy details like you are currently living within that moment.  Bring us with you, tell the story, I want to tear up because my soul is being transformed by your words.  I want to experience your experience.  What smells were present?  Who are there? What were the feelings? Sights?  Include all senses and as many details as you can muster.

Happy writing!


Coach Heather


Daily Prompt for 1/25/2017:  Having Your Integrity Questioned.

Have you ever questioned someone’s integrity that you know or had it done to you?  Growing up in either dysfunctional or abusive family of origins, we often times still struggle with trust issues with others, even the ones we have known for years and years. Sometimes we question others integrity and sometimes they question ours but one thing for certain on both sides of that coin is that it doesn’t feel good to be on either side. It brings up feelings of self worth, doubt, where we fit in, in the bigger picture, motives, our place in each others lives and so on.  Communication breakdown can lead to depression, paranoia, misunderstandings, and a myriad of other things that follow blocking our way to the current of cosmic flow we are all a part of.  Sometimes we wonder why we played a part of the drama or how we got to point B from point A, just to be confused with hurt feelings.  I am a queen of reading one message in a meme for example, will post the meme, only to find people confused as to why I posted it and then questioning my integrity over a silly meme that maybe had a point that made me go into deep reflection while others see it a whole different way (sometimes negative) leaving them confused.  A big ball of confusion then gets sparked by a misunderstanding and when we are recalling the series of events, we are left to wonder how did it happen?  Sometimes I think these webs of “value classes” (a classroom where we learn about what we value in life; yes I just made up the concept) are held so our souls can  sign up our personalities for development while we are not conscious of the event. The saying “each one teach one” speaks to this idea.  Have you ever felt a situation get out of control that had people you care about questioning each other?  How did it feel to you?  Have you forgiven yourself or them for playing a part of it?

Please take the time to write about this if it resonates.  How did you grow through this experience?  Were you following any intuitions that had you second guessing yourself?  Maybe your intuition was right and you learned to trust yourself?  I recently had a friend tell me I am way off in my intuitions.  Well sometimes I am but in the situation she was talking about, I don’t think I was that time.  Sometimes people do manipulate situations for their own interest, this is part of being human.  How have you manipulated a situation in your favor before?  How did it feel for you? How do you show up authentically and how do you honor your own and others integrity while processing in your relationships?

Happy writing?

Thank you for looking!



trees7/10/2016       Leaving a Legacy For Future Generations

The mess that we are leaving the planet is going to have to be picked up by our kids and their kids and so on.  This makes me slow time down to really look into my child’s life and analyze what it is that I wish to instill in her, what tools do I want to give her so that she can be an influence on her generation.  As a parent we worry about if we are parenting effectively, if we are getting the message through, if we are passing down generational curses, if our kids will be ok when we release them into the world; will they survive? Will they matter to our governments? Will anyone listen to their voices when they cry out what matters to their entire generation?  Will they know how to solve problems?  We live in a time where everything is uncertain and changing so rapidly.

The legacy that I wish to leave behind is that my daughter knows that I was there for support.  That no matter who she wants to be in life, I support even if it’s a different path than I had imagined for her.  I want to leave behind a message that even though I worked a lot, that I also made time to be with her.  To just be together, that she was important to me, more important than money or material possessions.  That although I was afraid at times for our future, that I was brave enough to take risks and make changes and not worry about failure but have enough faith that if something didn’t work out, that eventually something else would through fortitude and grit.  I want her to love people just for being alive and to not fear them because we share humanity in common and we are all striving for love and acceptance. Maybe if these things affect her, they will infect others around her and maybe there is hope for her generation.  These are small things but they are a start.

Daily Prompt:

What legacy do you want to leave behind?  How can you change your communities, your families?  What small things can you do right now today to change your world?  They do not have to be huge, just small things.  What do you want people to say at your funeral?  What kind of memorial will they put up for you in donation to what kind of place?  Have you ever been to the wall in DC?  Pretty powerful stuff.  What will your wall say about you?  Please share these things in group conversations. Please be specific.  We all have talents to bring to the table so the more specific the better.  Happy writing!!!


Staying positive in the midst of pain.

It has been a sad week for the world.  There are so many stories of unnecessary tragedy that just waking up in the morning can feel overwhelming.  Not one person goes unaffected in the face of the worlds problems because we are all connected and what happens to one, happens to us all.  Then throw in the urge to help, trying to find solutions to these problems and not knowing where to begin, we can feel hopeless and searching for answers that seem non-existent.  My own personal journey leads me to one solution for myself; to love and appreciate the people in my life.  To reach out to my community, both immediate and larger community and offer help.  To listen to peoples anger, to allow them to express themselves, to grab them when they fall backwards, and to just allow for humanity to struggle together.  Our problems are huge but we can share the burden with our loved ones.  When I say loved ones, to me that means any human being.  We are all connected, we are all human.  For me in my solutions to be part of the solution is to educate myself and then educate others on organizing, on history, on the future.  All of our answers lie within the past and the past is said to repeat itself so we have to look into the past and see with a critical eye what was and wasn’t done.  What is and isn’t there and what will and will not help us move forward within our humanity connected to each other. I am a lover of people; there is multitudes of beauty within the human soul, family histories, societal struggles, generational myths and campfire stories within every culture across the globe.  We are all so beautiful, and strong, and rich in spirit, and we matter.  If we didn’t why would we be here?  I have been deeply saddened by the enormity of murder that has been happening not just lately, but through history.  There are so many stories of barbaric themes yet when people come together, we can smoke out their shadows with the evidence of human resiliency, love, connection, cooperation, victory over obstacles and learn from each other.  What I am so grateful for is that we are talking, we are singing, we are yelling, we are angry.  This is the beginning of growth for us all.  I am not offering nihilism or pie in the sky escapism, I am simply searching for the beauty I know exists within us all. This is the only notion that is giving me hope during this bleak time in our period of progress.

7/9/2016 Prompt:

Write about your reactions to the mass shootings of innocent people.  It is important to process through current issues in the world.  Please don’t turn a blind eye.  We can be the change but in order to do that, we have to look at what is happening and feel how painful it is.  Things will get worse if we do not take a stand and stand for what is right.  It is immoral to kill people.  It is wrong.  I really hope you will take the time to process through what is happening not only in our society but also around the globe.  We do have power.  We can love across the board, we are all human and we need to get together with each other and deal with these things.  We cannot deny it any longer.  Please also write about your strengths and what you have to offer others.  Write about what you would like to see happen in the world, write about hope. Pick a story that inspires you and write about it or an experience you’ve had in your life, write about the key elements that gave you hope and then write a plan of how to use those elements within your community to make your community better.  Come up with a list of how you can help.  Write about critical thinking.  What are you seeing?  What are you not seeing?  What are your limitations, what are you afraid of?  Please do something, I urge myself and you to do something.  This world needs us to come together.

You’re beautiful, you have gifts and talents to help others with, you matter, you have the power to change the environment and your community.

One LOVE!!



Omnicient Mind

Having a mind that has as many ideas as an army of engineers is hard to keep up with.   I laugh to myself as I write this because I get these crazy ideas in my brain and they sound so good at first, then my heart starts buzzing so it feels right and then I place myself inside the circle of it happening and the aliveness of the idea forms and festers,…………………. and then it peters out.   So today, I am going to develop a formula of deducing chaos into simplicity and bliss in two easy steps:   One~write stuff down.  Two~burn the words in a fire.

There!  I feel so much better now until, wait for it……….oh man, the ideas are knocking on my brain again to get out.  Help!  Help let me out!  Let me out!

Here is the dilemma;

I want to travel

I want to create my art bus school program

I want to be an amazing life coach

I want to sell my paintings around the world at art shows.

I want to be a fitness instructor, teach zumba and watch all the happy people dance

I want to just be a mother and homeschool my child

I want to create music

I want to write a book

I want to simplify, sell everything and live in a tiny home.

What is the common thread?

I want to help people succeed through music, dance, words, traveling, education, and bring my daughter with me while doing it.  Is the only option traveling for a whole year?  No, there are other options.  I am currently looking at traveling for a year because it’s simpler and I will have more time to develop the program.  I will have time to spend with my daughter.

What values are present in the above statements?

Being a role model to daughter

Helping humanity in positive ways

keeping music and the arts alive

helping people feel good about themselves and communities

have clear vision

honoring my talents

What decision will best serve my life and my daughters life at this time? (there is a supportive community BTW of children for my daughter to feel belonging with and will have access to education)

6/28/2016 Daily Prompt: Managing omniscience and chaos

Above I have given an example of a very brief listing out of options, but I want to know your techniques and what works for you when you are having a hard time deciding or staying focused on your plan.  Do you talk to a friend or just do it?  Do lists help you or is it a space that you go into?  What works for you?

Enjoy this gorgeous day!




14/10/2016 Daily Prompt: Preparing Your Mind For Shift.

So this dream I have had for upwards of ten years now of having a steady life coaching business helping others by using my talents as tools, is taking form.  Now that I see the dream in it’s final gestational period before it comes to life, I am mentally preparing for a new life to emerge.  This takes a lot of meditation, overcoming fears, and dispelling self-limitations.  We all have the ability to grow ourselves in ways that we once thought un-imaginable.  For me, being an introvert, pushing myself out there and connecting with people and putting my social face on, has not been easy.  I am very honest with my feelings but as an entrepreneur, wherever I go, I have to be consistent with my outer projections because now my brand is what will set me apart from the rest.  I only mention this so that my earnestness will inspire you to look within and find ways that will help you also shift into what you are trying to become.


Get together with a friend, someone you trust and value, and discuss your strengths and limitations.  Ask your friend what your strengths and weaknesses are. Ask them what qualities you have that will make you be successful in the journey you are about to go on.  Be prepared to handle constructive criticism and ask them to be constructive in their feedback.  Now, compare notes with what they have told you to how you feel about you on this journey.  Do they match? How do they differ and where within lies the truth?  This information can be the start of shifting your mind to embrace the road you want to travel on.  When we prepare, we are more adaptable along the way and can even take setbacks more in stride because we have given it our attention.  Ask yourself this question.  What if I am more successful than I ever imagined?  What if I do end up living the life that I always dreamed?  I believe it is possible and probable that you will!  You just have to start by preparing yourself for the next step.

Happy Sunday!

Start now!  🙂


4/9/2016 Daily Prompt: Studying the Law of Attraction

Have you ever had instant Karma? Where you know you did something right (or wrong) and then immediately something happened (good or bad) to remind you that your action/thought brought about that particular response from the universe.  I notice a lot, that if I start my morning out with gratitude, instantly my awareness is surrounded by more kindness and better interactions with people.  Occasionally something amiss will happen, but when I am sending out positive vibes into my awareness, if I don’t react to occasional mishaps, then more positive experiences flow in.  I have been meditating on some CD’s that a friend gave me on Law of Attraction and I have to say, I believe that we do create our reality by the thoughts that we feed.

One problem I have with the Law of Attraction is if we create our lives based on vibes, then why is half the world suffering?  This question I am grappling with and have no answers as of yet.  Fear based thought has to last for at least 17 seconds and then repeated in order for it to change our awareness so why then, if I am repeating a love based thought for lets say an hour, and projecting it onto a person that I have never met that is suffering on the other side of the world, then why or DOES it change their awareness?  Why is there still suffering on the planet when I am trying really hard to change my awareness by positive thoughts and feelings?  This is the only contradiction that the Law of Attraction has for me.  I have seen my thoughts and feelings make my life better, and also make it uncomfortable as well.

Prompt: How do you create your awareness?  How do you shift your thinking and feelings?  What works for you?  Are there contradictions?  What are they and how do you deal with them?  Does one of your beliefs compete with another one and which one wins?  How do you know what values you have based on the feelings they produce into your awareness and how do they shift your life?  What do you find important and how to you life your life according to the law of attraction and what you want to manifest more of?

Instant Karma?  Or accidental occurrences?

Happy Writing!




4/3/2016 Daily Prompt: Navigating Through Friendships

Relationships are not always pleasant and have rough patches.  Sometimes when we are close to people, we end up hurting them just because we are being ourselves rather than analyzing everything we think and say.  The problem is, once something is said, then you can’t un-say it and are left to deal with the gravity that comes with the situation.  Ideally we are all trying our best and wish to be compassion mode and seeing things from the other persons perspective as much as we can, but is it possible to be that selfless all of the time?  I actually think it is possible, but not everyone is also thinking the same at the same time.  Because we are all at different places in our personal growth, weaving in and out of me, you, me, you, we have problems.  Pretty obvious stuff but how do we deal with conflict in our relationships?  Do you unfriend that person on face book when you’re irritated with them? Is something that happens so unforgivable that you cut them out of your life for good?  Aren’t we all human with wants and needs just looking to connect with our loved ones?  Why is it so difficult to get on the same page with people that we adore sometimes? Do we blame others for creating drama rather than seeing our part in how it transpired?  Or do we look in the mirror and hold ourselves accountable?  Which is less violent?  Do we all feel like we are better friends to our friends than they are to us or is it possible to have complete balance in all of our relationships?  I believe balance is achievable but it starts within me.  I cannot expect someone else to do something that I am unwilling to do.  When I accept my part of conflicted situations, I feel less violent within.  The storm ceases in my consciousness whether my co-partner sees it or not.  We are only in control of ourselves and there aren’t guarantees that a friendship will last or not but for me, being less violent is key so that I can live my life in a more joyous manner.  I accept that I am imperfect and can’t make other people see my intentions.  I am responsible to communicate and then allow the outcome to happen based on what the other party puts into the basket and then what I put into it.  We create our lives, it isn’t left to fate, so with acceptance, I put my best foot forward and then let go.  Freedom is what I seek, not bondage.  It isn’t based on vengeance either, just a wish to be free and happy.  I am choosing today to not be stuck in resentment or anger towards another person.  I am choosing freedom from bondage of ego and spirit.


Where are you shorting yourself in your relationships by shutting people out, blaming, not holding self accountable and creating bondage of ego?  What gives when you are in this cycle?  What do you learn and how can you move past it? Do you enjoy feeling stuck with no options and becoming a pattern frustration?  What can you accept for this moment? What can’t you accept?

Challenge~ Write three pages on this subject either free flowing or from a fictional story with characters.  Make it personal or tell a story from a Star Wars character perspective.  Sky is limit, but just get moving when you are stuck in a pattern.  Writing sometimes will get the ball rolling when you feel like you just lost it over the fence.  How do you navigate through adversity in your relationships?   What do you wish for in yourself to benefit from all ties that you have with others?  What is the learning from it?Adversity-3.jpg


3/31/2016  Daily Prompt: Helping Others

Getting outside of ourselves can be the difference between life and death.  Especially when winter hits, and it’s punches are made of depression; when I forego the tendency to get deep and blue, I float to the top of the day by helping another person.  I have learned this trait from my mother.  She is always helping people.  She selflessly helps neighbors shovel their yards, helps people raise children, buys groceries for family members that cannot afford them, and cooks for people that cannot cook.  I, being her fruit, have learned a valuable lesson about self made joy creation.  As soon as melatonin clocks reverse in day dark savings time, I hit the pavement in search of becoming much more than a mere flake of snow on the ground.  It makes me feel human, gives me a sense of purpose, and fills my heart up when I know that I helped someone else feel good.  I am not perfect and I am not writing this to get props or acknowledgments.  I know from experience that helping others selflessly, without expecting returns, feels great for the giver and the receiver.  Try it sometime, I think you will find the same result that my mom and I do.

Prompt:  What are some ways that you have given that have brought joy into your life?  How did you bring joy into another persons life?  What was learned? Reflect on the gifts you have and make a vision board about it.  When we start giving, we start shifting.  The world is full of enough negativity so how will you help it shift into positive balance?




3/30/2016 Daily Prompt: Creative Short Story Journaling.

It is raining. Each pitter on the rooftop demands her voice to be heard.  Sometimes they bleed into each other yet one in particular, in that exact second, manages to get the attention of my inner ear, throwing me off balance.  When I cling to the idea that the one drop has more of an impression than all of the rest, I escape the moment.  Time then signs off on control contracts. Then imagination states that I am not being fair to the rest because they are all justified in being dots of sound in particular spaces. Together, they paint a green canvas; apart, they die of thirst.  Although I cannot see through the door or to the other side of the computer screen, water stitches DNA and molecules into a spring-ly street.  I will not know about it until three days from now.  My mind is on other tasks while the tusks of lilies strike the surface of worm food.  There will be no blood, but love.  Spring is a violent stage.  Life kills death and stabs at eyes with color.  It penetrates noses with abrupt, gorgeous shock.  Pine needles no longer feel marginalized because they have their competition cut out for them.  Rocks sing to their new sun god, and June bug larvae commit unselfish suicide by shovel in a refreshed, over-churned garden. There is a new elf in the land waiting to be crowned but the bees need to start placing sweetness in his ear before he gets his shield.  Robins have been present all winter which is alarming.  Cardinals spin like whirlwinds together in flirtatious flight. A bud comes to life.  Dirt smells like dirt, replacing outdated nothing.  Cracks in paint scream at pockets. But the rain will wash it all away.

Prompt: Write about whatever season you love in whatever way you want.  Be as detailed as possible.  I challenge you to two things:

Share your story with a child and get their feedback about it.  Only if it’s child friendly though.

Share your story at an open reading somewhere around town.

Happy writing everyone.


13/26/16   YOU CANNOT RECOGNIZE A KING UNTIL YOU SEE YOURSELF AS A QUEEN.  Remember this my single friends!  Start loving who you are, all of you and then the right partner will find you.

getting lost

3/24/2016 Daily Prompt: Getting Lost in Nature

Back in the 90’s, I was hiking in Queens Creek Valley Arizona up to some cliffs that we would all enjoy climbing once our gear was fastened and ready to go.  I was the only female in a group of ecstatic males, chomping at the bit to get on the rock.  I patiently waited for my turn which came not very soon, so wanting to be swallowed up by the beauty of the place, I went for a saunter into the canyon.  In the vast expansion of peaks and rock, I became lost with no compass or clock.  It came down to me versus geology and herpetology, wondering which boulder would reveal an awakening snake to a springtime sun’s vehemence of being locked up for far too many months. I forgot what time it was, but the sun didn’t.  He hid his smile behind the crested ridge playing hard to get and warning of his not so loving brother NIGHT, looming in the last minutes of daylight. I succumbed to fear. Time floated around me like a monster in my dream.  For a split second, I would die here but I had so much left to do in life so I couldn’t allow it.  I asked for help from whatever crazy universe might hear me out there in the distance and then got up.  I didn’t hear a voice, I just felt my muscles take me away from the limestone I was perched on.  Being an extremely determined person, I set out like a pirate stealing booty to find my way back to the dude fest.  I hiked until dark until I came across a barn in the distance that we passed on the way up the mountain.  I had to swim a little pond to get to it which I did although it was colder than a snowman in his glory but just on the other side of the barn was the road that would guide me to a frantic group of dirty hippy men screaming my name and running around like a bunch of banshees.  No one asked questions, in fact I hid the grin on my face within a concert of monk like silence.  I grinned because I was there.  The grin whispered that I was thankful to have found my way out because I was determined to not die that day and that many others who were not as fortunate had died in similar circumstances.  I was young then and impressionable. I believed in the universe and that if I ask for what I need I would get it.  I was a romantic and I believed in determination.  The beauty of the place believed in me.  The rocks believed in my feet and the ridge believed in it’s seasons.  All was as it should be.

Prompt: Write or talk to another individual (face to face over coffee or something else; not through the computer or phone) about a time when you were lost in nature.  If you never have been lost physically, did a particular place abduct your spirit for a period of time?  How did it feel? How did your body, mind, soul feel?  Describe in detail.  I challenge you to do it with another person.



3/13/2016 Daily Prompt: Negative/Positive Space

Life cannot thrive without both light and dark.  Just as stars wouldn’t shine without a black canvas, our lives would have no base to judge our humanity and existence’s vicissitudes in which we grow from.  Without pain we cannot know happiness or even what to strive for in our journey’s.  Many people use their struggle to help others both on a personal level and also to push evolution forward. Painting is such a different endeavor if you learn to paint from the negative space rather than the image as a focal point.  Creating music based on focusing on the silence in between notes rather than on the notes themselves takes on a whole new meaning, feeling, and resonance.  Trusting emotions and intuition needs the negative space of silence so that reflection can transpire from within, taking heed to the wind rather than outward impressions of others ideas.  Everything that exists, is life.  Acceptance is the ladder to the mountain of transformation and the beginning of truth.  It is also a great place to start before shifting and evolving can take shape.


Write about positive and negative space that is personal for you.  What is possible from the other side?  The side you normally don’t pay attention to when reflecting on the action you want to take on a certain situation or problem you are facing.  Think of the situation as a painting.  What is the layout of the problem on canvas? Who are the players? What is their relationship to each other and how do the players move your eye around the painting so that you don’t miss anything that you are trying to convey to your audience?  Paint the problem from negative space instead of the object as a focal point.  How does this shift in perspective help you view it?  Is it different?  Did you notice something new?  This can be done by creating a musical piece as well.  Whatever instrument you play, focus on the silence in between tones and the feeling that comes from those silences.  Does it change the tune?  How about a poem? Start from the bottom of the poem and work towards the beginning.  Does the end change?  The feeling?

Enjoy the spring weather!


3/9/2016  Daily Prompt:

Write about all that you are grateful for.  Everything!  Do you love sitting in the sun?  What are your thoughts about nature? Community? Write about all of the tiny blessings that happen every day in your awareness.  No judgment, just keep the pen flowing.



cirlce3/7/2016 Daily Prompt: Creating Ritual

Growing up as a latch key kid, only child, single parent, I learned quickly that I needed ritual in my life to find meaning in the world.  My meaning came from hours-whole days actually of running in pastures with horses.  Bareback and no reins, I would ride with the herd; became a union with my hackney pony and pretended to be completely wild in the woods.  The place smelled of rain and soil, shapes in the woods resembled people and gods.  Imagination grew abundantly as did the green of the river line. Periodically, I would dismount and pick up a strange appearing bug or brightly colored leaf.  A fixed gaze on the water would reveal a fish flapping now and again in his unceasing instinct to live.  I wondered if he realized he would die if he didn’t eat or if he just did it because it was in front of his face.  Every day in the summer, my ritual was of friendship, marvel, awe of the beauty all around. In my home, I sage at least once a week while I ask for protection.  I burn candles when I talk to my deceased loved ones, and I garden while sending vibes into my yard of abundance and fruitfulness of the seeds I plant.  From early learning of a trusting universe, I have managed to get through some crappy struggles that life has handed me.  I owe it all to ritual that was set in stone as a child.

Prompt: Write about your rituals.  They can be daily, present, past, and future.  What rituals were cemented in you as child?  What rituals have aliveness for you now?

Happy meandering with your pen!!!


3/6/2016 Daily Prompt: Capturing Aliveness

I had so much to do yesterday and dragged all day UNTIL I turned up the volume on some music and started dancing.

What brings your aliveness back?  Nature? Writing? Music? Art? Spending time with your children?  Your Sunday challenge is to reflect for at least 15 minutes on what makes you feel alive.  You can write about it or GO OUTSIDE AND SCREAM IT!!!!!  What will you do today to feel alive?

This plant is alive.

This plant only feels at its best when it’s alive.

This plant owns the sun.

Be like this plant.


3/4/2016 Daily Prompt: Showing Up Big

Just showing up is awesome but sometimes it just isn’t enough.  Sometimes we need something from outside of us to inspire to get bigger.  For me, two circumstances have to be happening that result in my biggest self showing up; helping other people feel good and getting exercise.  Running has transformed my attitude, thoughts, behaviors and physical aliveness.  Helping others feel good also raises my vibration because it allows me to “be the change” in the greatest good for all.  When I am part of making someone else feel good, feel heard, feel validated, feel alive and supported, my day automatically goes to creating a life from passion rather than regret.  It feels good inside and shows in my projections as well.  Walking down the street gets more hellos, smiles, and conversations because my vibration increases as a feeling of belonging transforms all parties involved.  Who are we not to show up big?  Don’t we owe ourselves fulfilling relationships with awesome people?  We all need to belong and learn and grow from each other so showing up big, we are able to give our best no matter where we journey to.


How do you show up big? What do you do to prepare yourself before going all in on your daily interactions?  What feeds your soul?  Are you living accordingly to your value system?  Do you ever walk away from an interaction feeling alive; buzzing with energy?  Do you ever feel drained and know that you needed to say something or be bigger but you were not sure how to in the moment?  What do you have to lose?

I dare you, double dog dare you to show up big at least one time in the next 7 days.  I dare you to journal about the experience.  I am curious to hear about your experiences so please share if you are so pulled to do it.

Create a wonderful day!



2/26/2016 Daily Prompt: Living your life from passion, not regret.

When I got off the road, I did so under the premise that I wanted to share what I learned while travelling with other people.  I had many transformational experiences while travelling that completely changed my thinking and strengthened my belief that the universe always has our backs.  One of the most profoundly changing experience was when we left Florida on a bad water pump with $50.00 in our pockets.  We made it pretty far, to the western part of Texas actually by stopping every so often to add water but we when reached New Mexico, the pump got so bad we had to do something about it.  We didn’t have much money but went into a restaurant to split a meal and met a guy that was super curious about us who turned out to own the place and the auto shop next door.  After learning about what we did for a living, he was happy to help get our van up and running and didn’t charge us.  What are the chances? This experience led me to the desire to help others to see they are never stuck in life.  The many transformational experiences while traveling gave me passion about helping others rise above limitations because they showed me that we are the only ones limiting ourselves from experiencing life.  I have been sitting on Silent Moon for many years feeling stuck because I didn’t know where to start growing my business but recently I have realized I want to create my life from passion rather than regret so I leave you with todays prompt.

Prompt:  How can your life experiences drive you to creating your life built from passion?  What are your talents?  What have you always wanted to do but didn’t know where to start so you didn’t pursue what your heart was telling you to do.  When you are in the golden years, imagine looking back on your life and search for what you wish you would have done.  If you go to the place, what do you find?  Act as if today is your last day.  What would you do if you have two hours to live?  We all have talents and we are supposed to share our talents with others.  If you felt truly in bliss, how are you showing up? You deserve to live the life that you desire, what is holding you back?

2/25/2016 Daily Prompt: Creativity Blocks

So I am working on this extremely challenging painting that may take a thousand years to finish, but it’s close to home and very exciting.  I have run into a painters block and am stuck on getting the viewers eye to move around the painting as it is detailed on one side and I have no idea to portray an idea visually on the other side.  At times I want to give up and let it be done as is but it has so much potential that I feel I wouldn’t be allowing the idea it’s full potential if I quit right now.  I have a tendency to overthink all angles to a point where I feel exhausted but find those blocks lose their hold on my creativity if I just start painting.  The only thing is, the painting ends up being different from the incredible museum bound piece that I have in my head.  My house is clean and clutter is at a minimum yet I am still struggling with this painting.

Picture is for attentionuniverse.jpg

Prompt: What disrupts your flow when in creative process?  What does your environment need to look like to drive your best product out of your mind and onto canvas? What holds you back today?  What made you a creative genius today?  Maybe we can share some remedies on how to deal with and surpass creative blockage.

2/24/2016 Daily Prompt: Vulnerability without fear

Today I feel vulnerable but not the kind that separates me from everyone else.  It’s the humbling kind, the kind that inspires wellbeing deep down because I know I am connected to the entire universe and part of that connection lies the ups and downs of life.  It allows me to have empathy attacks for what other people are experiencing, it gives me strength of character to see through struggles and makes my belief in magic stronger, it’s the kind that softens my bow so that I bend without breaking.  I used to feel fear based vulnerability often and would live in defensive mode and shut people out.  I recently learned that lashing out is a form of vulnerability; I had never looked at it that way but I think it’s true.  I watch my daughter lash out at times with her friends and realize it is usually in response to feeling left out, being yelled at, or arguing over a toy that she feels she isn’t being heard and is being overlooked.

Prompt: Write about a time when you felt vulnerable from both perspectives.  One of fear and one of connectedness.  How did you respond to it? Did you use it to help others or did it serve you in some way.  Feeling vulnerable starts when we are children and makes us human.  How can you use vulnerability to help you grow or soften you?  Some people turn hard because they don’t want others to see their vulnerability; how could that be beneficial?  Go!

Happy Day!


Call for ideas on what you as the reader would like to write about.  Please share any insights of what is important to you, what should be discussed that is not currently being discussed, your slice of reality.

Prompt: Check back this afternoon for todays prompt.

humor2/23/2016 Daily Prompt: Turn a Problem into a Comedy.

Think of something that is a reoccurring situation for you that drives you batty and write about the situation from a humorous perspective.  What is your favorite Comedy?  Big Bang Theory? Lewis C.K. standup? Place yourself in the standup comedian role and write your problem as a joke.  What will keep your audience laughing? How does it end differently than usual? What is the setting?  How do you win? How do you become the hero of your problem?

Happy Writing!


2/22/2016 Daily Prompt: Experimenting with jobs.

I woke up thinking about all of the jobs I have done in my lifetime.  A co-worker warned that when he arrived at the gates of the golden years, he was astounded at all of the roles he had played through the years.  It’s true, with every job we do, we gain skills and change our identity in some way. How can we not be astounded by our adaptability and bravery in becoming new again and again.  Below is a list of identities that have tried me on; some are still with me, some were experimental and fleeting.  Here goes:

Bread pudding maker, chiropractic assistant, corsair computer chip maker, rude wench on stage, art assembly and production, taxi driver, various social work positions, actor, musician, horse trainer, ranch hand, groomer, dog trainer, pizza slinger, convenient store clerk, animal adoptions, youth mentor, life coach, drill team choreographer, counselor, painter, cook, gardener, bus driver, limo driver, jewelry maker, traveler, school social worker assistant, security worker, property manager, program developer, office assistant, and rock picker upper in the middle of the desert (yes I was paid $10.00 dollars and hour).  Within the sub category of social work lies another 5-10 positions.  All of these positions have built who I am today and have blessed me with friendships for many years.  It’s amazing to think about employment as a means to who we are rather than just what we do.  It’s why I am extremely choosy where I work because where I work is what I am proud of and it’s who I am.


Who are you?  What jobs have built who you are? Write a list and go further with it.  How has each job influenced your growth in who you are?  What are the gifts and were there major events that you can remember from those jobs? Was there a job which did not fit and you knew the first day you started it wouldn’t fit?  Longest job? Shortest? Most meaningful and where did you grow the most?

I would love to hear your responses!

Make a great day!


2/21/2016 Daily Prompt: Endings and beginnings.

I had an opportunity to work with an amazing supervisor once that encouraged the team to always error on the side of compassion and deal with consequences later. She taught me about the realm of unconditional love, about non judgment and accepting people where they are at.  When she informed me she was leaving the team, my heart dropped out of my chest and wilted. My entire being knew that my life would never be the same going forward and that an era had came to a conclusion.

Prompt:  Write about a situation or person in which you knew a chapter was completing and your life will be forever changed by it.  Who was around?  What were you feeling? How did this situation leave a mark on you? How has it influenced who you are now?  How did you know that you were embarking on the end and how did you motivate yourself to embody the situation and create a new beginning from it?

Happy reflecting!



2/18/2016   Daily Prompt: Synchronicity

Yesterday a miraculous event happened for me.  I have been applying for jobs in various “dream” states (places I have always wanted to live) and came across a “coach like” position at an arts school in one of these cities.  I then texted my family member to let him  know that I am applying in his state just in case I am offered a position there.  After several texts back and forth, we came to realize that this position that I had just sent my app off to an hour prior is at the actual school that he works at.  What are the odds?  We haven’t spoken for months and there was no way of knowing that he works at this school.  This situation comes at a time when I need to believe in magic to keep the fires flamed.  I’ve been asking the gigantic cosmic ear to give me situations that will feed my curiosity  and literally hours of asking, this happened so I am feeling refreshed with motivation and encouragement that I am exactly where I am supposed to be and making the right steps to creating the exact life that I want which is the impetus for todays prompt.


Write about a magical moment that fed your curiosity and reminded you that you efforts were not going unanswered.  If you don’t recall a time, think of something that you would have pursued with more vigor had a magical moment occurred. There are tiny reminders each day to show us that we are on the right track; all we have to do is listen, be quiet and receive the answer, wherever it might come from.

Feel free to share on here.  🙂



Daily Prompt: 2/13/2016

What is driving you today to meet the challenges that arise?  How will you make the most of the choices you are facing and how will they reflect your purpose?

Daily Challenge:  Write about a challenge you are facing today from a new perspective.  Be as detailed as you want and think about it in a new creative way.  Feel free to share on here if you want.

Thank you for looking!