~Meandering Murmurs & Shrewd Sputterings~


Daily Prompt 8/8/2016 (An Auspicious Day)

I like the numbers today, they feel lucky to me.  Both lucky and mundane as I go back into an 8 year old mind and remember how some summer days would drag by while others felt like I was living in a story book.  Summer is the time for self discovery, of learning how to be alone and how to celebrate the full capacity of life with others.   More so, it is a time of learning how to say no to activity and take a day to rest while activities continue to happen all around.  Some of my fondest memories of childhood were camping at Slipperys and Ponderosa.  My first crush’s happened in summer time, first water skiing experience, first smoking a cigarette while on horse back and falling off due to dizziness.  My first alcoholic beverage was consumed by the fire while camping.  Lots of firsts happened in the summer, a time of independence, freedom, and self expression.

Prompt: Write about your fondest summer.  What happened to make such memories?  Who was around? Where were you?  What were the smells, tastes, images that you carry with you still.  What did you feel?  What thoughts spoke to you? Would you change any of it if you could or was it perfect the way it was?  I would love to hear from you and read your story.  Lets make it into a contest.  If you write a story about your favorite summer by August 14th, I will feature it on FB if it wins, throw in a painting and a Life Coach session.  I will judge the stories by August 25th and pick a winner.  Get Creative with it, let the story paint itself in the minds of the reader.  Share the lessons you learned that summer, or the love that you fell into, share the beauty and the heartbreak.    Email your story to me at heathler1@gmail.com by August 14th.

Happy Writing.

Coach Heather




Daily Writing Prompt 7//16/2016, Honoring Yourself

So I recently was in a situation that had me making a choice between honoring myself, or second guessing my intuition and dealing with the consequences of self doubt. In choosing to go with my intuition (this takes years of practice by the way to know if your intuition is guiding you or you’re reacting out of fear response) I saved myself about a year of exploring a relationship with someone who is a good person, but isn’t in a place of healing that would be conducive to a healthy relationship.  Reflecting on this situation on the backdrop of say five years ago, I’ve realized how far I’ve come in honoring myself.  We humans are very skilled at manipulation because although we are human, we know how to survive like wild creatures, and how to bend and twist situations so that we are able to get our needs met.  Through time I have gained knowledge of these manipulative patterns that we all have that get us what we need and want.  My past self was a people pleaser; bending and shifting to make others comfortable and not wanting to cause waves or disharmony, but as I grow in self love, my voice emerges and gives me a third leg to stand strong on, as I push back in resistance to manipulation.  As a woman, I believe in this time of our evolutionary growth, it is important to teach my daughter how to properly push back in the face of manipulation; how to honor herself and learn how to stand alone when the world gives up on her because she is not bending and twisting to fit in where she knows there is a better, more fitting place for her to be.  These are skills that we learn through time.  There are proper ways to adjust as well to an ever shifting environment.  Whispering is heard more than shouting they say.  Bee’s are attracted to honey, not vinegar they say.  I say you are important and honoring yourself comes first.  Use your voice as your third leg to stand on when the world  doesn’t shift with you.

Daily Prompt:  Write about how you will honor yourself today.  If things outside of you get shifty, how will you stand strong within yourself?  Is there a difficult conversation you need to have with a loved one?  How do you simultaneously honor yourself while struggling to find common ground and unity?  How will you honor yourself when your spouse asks you to do things you don’t want to do?  How do you honor yourself when your community has different views from you?  How will you honor yourself when your child needs things but also, your spirit does too?  How do you honor yourself in the face of someone manipulating a situation for their own gain?  Manipulation is part of humanity, but how do you honor yourself as you resist the pull from outside of you?

If you wish to discuss these issues, feel free to call me at 612-280-6033.  I would love to hear your ideas and also your actions that you are taking to honor yourself.  You count just as much as others in your world, so how will you honor you today?

Create a Life from Passion Not Regret!




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