Pulled Up From The Bottom

(Names have been changed for confidentiality purposes.)

The last five months or so I have been feeling burned out from my job. Sometimes the politics get to me, the conflict between co-workers, the lack of funding for our programs, the suffering of some in shelter, repetition of doing the same thing, not having my own animal therapy business yet. All of these things were adding up for me until last week when I encountered a very special person. The chaplain at the Mission referred someone over for help with housing. We made our appointment for four. I walked into the center and noticed this gentleman that I have never seen before because there was an energy coming from him, a mysterious vibe. For some reason I knew this was the gent I would be meeting with. Sure enough, exactly at four he came up and asked if I was Heather, I said I sure am you must be Jack, he then asked how I knew and I told him the same way he knew who I was, we both laughed. As he was telling me his situation, we got on the subject of blessings. I felt like the great spirit was talking through him to me, as if to tell me I am in the right field/place, right time. My heart became heated and I felt the glow that went missing in the summer come back. Given his circumstances I told him I would pay deposit and 1st month rent for him. He stopped talking and shook his head, a huge smile grew on his face. He started talking slowly, he said “you mean to tell me not only are you going to help me, but you are going to help me twice? I have never had help like this before, are you sure? IS this a mistake? YOu must be joking right?” I asked “why are you so surprised? You deserve it just like the rest of everyone. There is abundance everywhere and until you change your mind about what you can and can’t have, what belongs to you and what doesn’t, you won’t allow yourself to receive freely what was meant for you.” He sat silently for a couple of minutes grinning. He said “I want you to know that I really appreciate this, I mean I can’t believe this is happening to me and I am so thankful, you just made my entire year”. I thanked him in return. “Jack, you don’t know how much I appreciate you coming here and giving me this opportunity to not only help you but you also made me see that I am in the right place because just to be honest, I have been so burned out lately because I feel like my job hasn’t had much meaning and I am not pursuing my dream. You are affirming that I am in the right place, meaning does happen, and this is what I show up for so thank you. Besides,you deserve it and I am just glad we met and I can help you.”

Bigger picture: I am so blessed because these things happen when I listen to my higher power. When life becomes mundane and I get fixated on a thing, lately my BIG DREAM of working with the homeless and horses, art and music,then I find it hard to get motivated because I am looking at the lack of the dream in my life rather than the little blessings that are all around like meeting Jack. Although it’s not my personal money to give to help someone out, I have been appointed by a higher resource, trusted to make decisions to help people. This is a blessing. I am truly greatful to be able to help those most in need. Having purpose and fulfillment in what I do is a huge value, I am blessed to be able to be where I am at. Hopefully next time I feel burned out I can return to this blog and remember what is important.

Happy Holidays and New Year!!!!

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Homeless Memorial 2012

I finally was able to coax my five year old to come along with me this year to honor the lives of our beautiful brothers and sisters that either experienced homelessness or were friends with someone that experienced homelessness. Every year I tear up during the service because I become overwhelmed with feeling, remembering something about the individual, maybe the laughter or pain they delt with on a day, through a minute, breathing through seconds of a struggle they shared with me. Or if I was unfamiliar with the name being read by the speaker, throwing out prayers to the people that were not seen, heard, felt, or taken time for. For the naked souls, in their realness, authentic spirits, raw, beautiful, eyes shining brightly and lines in their faces. Each candle representing the light that once was within their heat and story, of how they got to that place, where I met them, candidly exchanging, enchantment and sorrow, and sore feet through the laughter. Thankfully, I could share this with my child, the one who both mesmerizes me and makes the proudest mom, the kind soul that finds beauty in each person she sees. She made sure she told each person of their beauty, pointing out their light still flickering and visible, and loved, by those who dare to look, when they are not afraid of themselves. I am so thankful. What an amazing experience, I am blessed to be a part of this community and to the mother of my idol. 🙂

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Free Coaching Sessions:

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Some Positive Affirmations For Today

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Free Life Coach Session

Some positive affirmations for today.Hola! I am offering a free introductory Life Coach session. If you are ready to take action on what you have been feeling stuck about for way too long. please either email me or call to schedule a complimentary session. I am really wanting to work with people to get them motivated. It could also be given as a christmas present to someone you may know that is wanting some coaching on something in their life. Be blessed!!!! Thank you


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Annual Homeless Memorial March is happening this Thursday.

28th Annual MN Homeless Memorial March and Service

Thursday, December 20th

5:00 pm | March & Silent Vigil

Hennepin County Government Center

3rd Avenue S & 5th St S

Minneapolis, MN

The march will follow 5th St S westward to Nicollet Avenue and proceed south to 28th St

6:30 pm | Service of Remembrance

Simpson United Methodist Church

2740 1st Ave S

Minneapolis, MN

7:30 pm | Community Meal

Simpson Shelter

Lower level of Simpson United Methodist Church

All are welcome.

Parking and Shuttles
Parking is available at the Kmart parking lot on
10 West Lake Street, Minneapolis

Shuttle buses to the march will depart from Kmart at 4:20 pm sharp.

Sponsored by:
Simpson Housing Services
Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless
Shelter Providers Action Association

History of the Homeless Memorial

Eric was a frequent guest in the early days of the Simpson Men’s Shelter. He was a quiet, somewhat shy Vietnam war veteran and although he pretty much kept to himself, everyone knew and loved him. In the summer of 1984, days had passed since shelter staff and volunteers had seen him. This happened from time to time. No one thought too much of it. A few days later they got the news that Eric’s body had been found by the railroad tracks nearby. He had been beaten to death.

Simpson staff and volunteers had witnessed many people experiencing homelessness who die without anyone honoring their life. Simpson United Methodist’s pastor and shelter staff, volunteers, and Eric’s family members gathered shortly after he was found to honor his life, as well as the lives of a few other people they knew who had died that year. It was an important moment for all, including his family. They were happy to see that he had support and a community in his life. From that point forward, a nearby house that was a transitional home to three men at the time was affectionately referred to by Simpson staff and volunteers as “Eric’s House.”

The Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless (MCH) heard that Simpson had held the service and proposed that it become a larger event, including names of as many people as they could gather. In December of 1984, the first official Minnesota homeless memorial was held, launching the collaboration between Simpson and MCH that exists to this day. Unidentified people began to be included throughout the years, as it was presumed that these people were, quite likely, homeless.

In the early years, the memorial was always held on December 21 (the winter solstice, the beginning of winter, and the longest night of the year) to coincide with the National Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day designated by the National Coalition for the Homeless (NCH). The event eventually transitioned to be held on the third Thursday in December, as this proved to be the most well-attended night.

The lighting of an individual candle with the reading of each person’s name was a unique aspect of the Minnesota event and has since been replicated by other memorials. In the early years when funding was especially tight, there were plans to re-use candles from one year to the next, but Carla Gainey, Simpson Executive Director from 1987-1997, was adamant that new candles be purchased every year. “Everyone should have their own candle.” This practice continues to this day.

In the mid 1990s, the march was added to the schedule for the evening. The Shelter Providers Action Association (formed to help combat funding cuts at a time when homelessness was increasing) began organizing the march portion of the memorial to help raise awareness of the issue of homelessness. It was initially a protest but gently grew into a silent vigil.

Each year, marchers carry individual signs with the name, age, and hometown of every person being honored. One of the first years of the march, a Duluth woman travelled to the service. Her mother was homeless and had been murdered. To see her name on a sign was a moving experience for her. This started a tradition of allowing people to take the signs that displayed the name of a person they knew who had died.

In recent years, the reading of the names has been divided into currently and formerly homeless as more and more people are moving into housing.

News and EventsE-NewsHomeless Memorial
Submit Names
History of the Memorial
Art 4 ShelterNewsletters

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Free Coaching Session

Niche: Single Mothers
Social Workers or Human Service Providers

If you are ready for change and willing to embrace it and take action, please email at thesilentmoon_speakstome@yahoo.com
Create a day that is worth reflecting on.

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Personal Bio

I am a mom, musician, artist, writer, equestrian and Life Coach.  I am moved and fulfilled by creating things, pieces of music or paintings, or poetry and books about inspiration.  My daughter moves me as do the people I work with at a homeless shelter, their beauty, telling eyes, broken hearts and laughter.  I am passionate and I cry, and laugh and smile and am authentic.  Or at least trying to be.  In my former life I was a mistress of horses, the memory of it following me into this life and my main calling this time around.  My dream is to collaborate with horses and heal people that normally cannot leave the streets, the cracks in the pavement for some solitude and communion with nature.  I am so close to making this dream possible.  I will share my personal journey of how I came to this dream as time allows me to reveal it.  A new blog, this blog, will be growing in time as I grow to know blogging.  I want to offer a free Life Coaching session to anyone but specifically single mothers, artists, musicians, or human service or social workers.  I believe life is not sweet unless I am in service to my fellow human being, seeing them flourish, being and becoming.  email me if you are interested in a free session at thesilentmoon_speakstome@yahoo.com.  Thank you!

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