Equine~Assisted Coaching

Horses are intuitive beings and add a wonderful addition to Co-Active Coaching. Because horses are in tune with the peripheral of their environment, they notice what humans may miss in the process of coaching. This extra sense adds benefit and thoroughness to the coaching session. Why? Because horses are flight or fight responsive to shifts in their environment. They are programmed to pick up incongruencies in people also. Why do I use horses in my coaching sessions? I have worked with horses since I was 5 years old and feel confident and at home with horses. Horses are a grounding force for me, and I want to bring the connection and love of our equine familiars to others.

If you have a horse and are interested in including your horse into our coaching session, I will work with you both. I will come to where you and your horse are. The only requirements are a safe space like a round-pen or other enclosed area where we maintain some safety, and your willingness to learn and explore through coaching. We can apply SMART goals to your session as well as value, fulfillment, process and balance work. A huge benefit to you is that I come to where you and your horse are comfortable; right to your barn. You save gas, time, and money. I do add mileage and traveling costs to my coaching fees however.

Are you ready to start coaching with your favorite fur buddy? Email at heedthequietmoon@gmail.com for an appointment today.