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About Silent Moon Coach

I am a free spirited life coach who helps moms and their children reach their goals and live their dreams through using art, travel therapy, horses, nature, music and creative movement in our coaching sessions. I provide "Walk and Talk", phone, in person, and text/email coaching. Time is a huge barrier to growth in our busy lives, I help moms develop their creative paths while still having time for their families. Being a mom myself, I understand how hard it is to manage a creative life and be a parent, I help moms and their families find balance by creating schedules that honor all and a creative life. I look forward to working with you! Let's Create A Life From Passion Not Regret! Coach Heather.

*July Awesome Deal*

Because I truly believe in the power of personal life coaching, I want to reach a broader base so that people of all incomes can experience the transformational power of coaching.  I am offering your first session PLUS and additional … Continue reading

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*July Specials*

Are you ready for change?  Need a little inspiration in your creative endeavors?  Are you ready to get moving on some fitness goals?  Then sign up for a free session of coaching and see how you like it!  Not only … Continue reading

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I finally got the art bus and can’t wait to get going on the conversion.  What do you think?  It came with 20 years of five star mechanic records.  It pays to buy from federally funded programs because they are … Continue reading

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Standing at a Crossroad.

Daily Prompt: 6/18/2016 I am at a precarious place in my life.  Two of my dreams, and one life path that I have been working towards goals on, are all completely different from each other and all inviting to choose … Continue reading

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Happy Autumn!

Just two days into fall and it already feels like it is.  This is a great time to announce “Bring Back the Light” special through the month of November. This is the time of year that our brains and bodies go into … Continue reading

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*June Specials*

I am looking for two people who have the desire for changing some habits and want to create at least three long term, and three short term goals.  I will give you a free half hour  intro to coaching session … Continue reading

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Where Did April and May Go?

Wow!  Just like that they are gone.  I haven’t been posting much lately because I have been training in Zumba and to get my wellness coaching and personal training licenses.  While in process of this journey I have uncovered my … Continue reading

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Monthly Offerings

4/10/2016 Silent Moon Coaching Services now offers Zumba.  If you are looking for fitness in your life along with personal life coaching, Silent Moon will come to your business, community center, school, church or whatever appropriate venue in need.  You … Continue reading

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What is Life Coaching?

Are you finding it harder than ever to schedule time for yourself? How do you show up in your friendships, relationships, and at work? Are you finding it hard to choose which direction to go but know that you need … Continue reading

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Pretty and meditative sounds.

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