Holding A Light While You Navigate Through the Night

Hello!  Welcome to Silent Moon Coaching Services. We provide life coaching to youth and their moms who love the arts, nature, animals and traveling.  By co-planning your creative path, you will learn how to integrate your talents and abilities into your family life. Some mediums that we use in coaching are painting, song creation, jam sessions, journal writing, vision boards, memoir writing, morning pages, walk and talk ©®  nature sessions, horses, and creative movement. Our personal philosophy is based on equal relationships between youth and parents with a focus on creativity and nature.

As a mother of a teenager and a painter, I understand the constant balancing of both of our needs and making time for creative pursuits. I help artistic youth and their moms find their creative paths and more family time by strategic planning of goals and time management. Through  coaching, youth design their own SMART goals and moms learn the intricate balance of creating and parenting by mindfully designing a life that includes what is important to them.

What is Life Coaching?  

The International Coaching Federations definition of Life Coaching is “partnering with clients in thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. ICF(coachfederation.org).

Co-Active Life Coaching helps people through personal transitions, personal development, overcoming limitations, developing plans of action, and creating outcomes for satisfaction and fulfillment.  Coaching focuses on your strengths and honors you for the knowledge you have.  You design your unique coaching sessions to tailor what you want to achieve whether it be personal, educational, creative expression, career, starting a business, world travel with your family, or managing your time.  Coach Heather will shine a light while you navigate in the night©® .  As a coach, it is my duty to hold space for you while you design what you want to get out of coaching. Is your child/teen struggling with goals and getting homework completed?  Would you like to see him/her feel empowered, at choice, and part of their friend circle?  We can work towards his/her/their goals also.  Whether it be planning for college, vocation, or travel, transitioning between childhood to teen or teen to adulthood can be difficult to navigate.  We can work together to get your youth on track to feeling empowered and actively at choice. For more information about my niche, read the about section.

I work with all pronouns!

    If you are ready to make shift happen, please email me at heathler2@gmail.com.  Thank you so much for investing in yourself, you are worth it.

Heather Leigh                                           IMG_1304

 Owner & Founder of Silent Moon Coaching Services
 Co-Active Life Coach, CTACC, ACC
MA Adlerian Counseling Psychology, Art Therapy

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