Summer Special

I have a half off summer special running through August.  If you sign up for three months of coaching before August, 30th, I will give it to you for 50 % off the entire package.  That is an amazing deal.  What are you waiting for?  Do you have fitness goals you’re trying to reach?  Do you have areas in your parenting you would like to improve on?  Have you hit a valley in your recovery and not sure what your next steps are?  Are you looking for additional supports while you are on your journey to healing?  Coaching can be a fulfilling way to meet your goals, help keep you shifting, and help you reach unexpected goals.  Please email today at with code summersale50%off in your subject line so I can know your referral source.  Tell a friend and get an additional 25% off for the month of July.  I hope you take advantage of this wonderful offer.

Coach Heather


About Silent Moon Coach

I am a free spirited life coach who helps moms and their children reach their goals and live their dreams through using art, travel therapy, horses, nature, music and creative movement in our coaching sessions. I provide "Walk and Talk", phone, in person, and text/email coaching. Time is a huge barrier to growth in our busy lives, I help moms develop their creative paths while still having time for their families. Being a mom myself, I understand how hard it is to manage a creative life and be a parent, I help moms and their families find balance by creating schedules that honor all and a creative life. I look forward to working with you! Let's Create A Life From Passion Not Regret! Coach Heather.
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