Happy Holiday

There is one open session available the week 7/10 for your first walk and talk session.  Do you like nature?  Do you want to start moving towards a goal but are unsure of where to start or how to get there?  Having a personal coach can help you start moving forward in the direction of your dreams Today.  The first step is the hardest when navigating in unknown territory.  Sometimes it is frightening to dream of the possibility of living your life exactly how you wish you were.  Coaches can help not only motivate you but also hold the space while you look for firm ground to stand on before you take flight.  You don’t have to commit until after your first session.  What a great gift you can give yourself, to get moving forward to living at your best life that you see in your mind and know in your heart that you wish you could just do it.  I say this from experience because I also struggle with my own hurdles both personally and professionally.  Take the high road and start living exactly how you design.  It’s never too late.

Create a beautiful day.



I am running holiday “Walk and Talk” sessions for the entire month of July.  Is the heat getting to you?  Summer is  a wonderful time to shed habits that no longer work for you.  You deserve to live up to your fullest potential.   When we show up big, we are vibrating at our highest and that is when life feels wonderful.  Give the gift of creating your life from passion not regret.  The 30 minute session is completely free and then 25% off through the month of July.  I do ask for a three month commitment after you decide if coaching is for you.  Are you stuck in completing your goals?  Do you know that your life could be more but you don’t know where to begin?  If so you may do well with a Life Coach.  Feel free to contact me for your first free 30 minute walk and talk session at 612-280-6033.

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