Welcome To Silent Moon Coaching Services ©®


Holding A Light While You Navigate Through the Nighttm

Thank you for taking the first step in shifting your life in a positive direction!  You deserve to realize your goals and dreams; it all begins with you. Silent Moon Coaching Services provides Co-Active Creativity Life Coaching to single mothers, artists, musicians, children, writers, nature lovers and people who are seeking to live a fit life.  Some mediums that Heather uses in her coaching are painting, song creation, jam sessions, journal writing, vision boards, memoir writing, morning pages, walk and talk©®  nature sessions, horses, and creative movement.

What is Life Coaching?

Some things Life Coaching is not is therapy, counseling, advice, consulting or psychotherapy.  Rather, it is more like a sport coach but for personal transitions, personal development, getting over hurdles, developing plans of action, and shifting you from where you are right now to a life of more satisfaction, focusing on your strengths to help build your life and get it moving in a forward direction from your action plan. You design your unique coaching sessions to tailor what you want to achieve whether it be personal, career, starting a business, world travel with your family, or managing your time.  Coach Heather will shine a light while you navigate in the night©® .  As a coach, it is my duty to hold space for you while you design what you want to get out of coaching.


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