Happy Autumn!

Just two days into fall and it already feels like it is.  This is a great time to announce “Bring Back the Light” special through the month of November. This is the time of year that our brains and bodies go into hibernation mode so I would love to offer a 10 % discount to new coach-ee’s who would like to keep a forward momentum through the fall.  Winter is not a time for hibernation, it’s a time for cultivation of spirit.  Let your dreams manifest over the next few months by honing in on your one and five year plans.  Set aside time to navigate your goals to get ready for spring launch.

Don’t hesitate to call for your free complimentary session.  It takes only a half hour and you can gain valuable skills to tackle a problem that you need help getting moving.  You are valuable and deserve to be vibrating at your highest so pick up the phone and call for your session.





Happy August!  How is your summer going?  I have a few shenanigans on the horizon. Starting in September, I will be teaching a “Writing For Healing” class through community education.  If you are interested, please email me and I will send you the information on how to sign up.  The cost is $40.00 per person and includes three sessions of writing prompts and assignments that follow each class. We will be using memoir and journal techniques to flesh out possible subjects you may be interested in developing.

Look for my painting “Broken Dream” to be displayed at the “Clean” show which has moved from a venue to online this year.  This exhibit is hosted by Your Arts Desire http://www.yourartsdesiremtka.com/  and features artists who tell their story of recovery and sobriety through works of art.  I will post details as I am informed of them.

I will be at the fall Art Crawl this year on October 14th through the 16th.  Stay tuned for details on this show.  I am going to try to also offer sample coaching sessions at this event so stay tuned.  ( http://www.saintpaulartcrawl.org/ )

The art bus is coming along nicely.  We managed to pull the seats out and started painting her.  Her name is “Kismet” because I still believe in magic.

Thank you for tuning in for an update.  It’s been a busy summer as I have had a lot of opportunities to display my artwork and the July twofer sessions went very well also for the sample coaching sessions.  I will be giving away another coaching session for the last two weeks of August so stay tuned for that as well.

Thank you and I appreciate you!


Coach Heather

I hope you are enjoying your summer.  I just wanted to check in and say hello to everyone.  I am full for June but I am looking to add one spot for a new coachee in July so if you know that you are worth living your life built from passion not regret, you have goals that you want to achieve and need a little help getting there, if you want some balance in your hectic schedule, or if you have a burning desire for change and are unsure where to start, you may benefit from having a personal coach.

I will help you define your short and long term goals.

I will help you get clear on your values and hold sacred space for you while you reflect on living your values.

We will have weekly check in’s.

We will co-design your plan of action.

I will not tell you what to do.  As a coach, I am trained to ask you important questions that will get the gears of your engine turning.  We don’t focus on the past but we create a present and future worth living for.

You will learn tools that create movement in your life; tools that you can use at any time once they become habitual.

I am a creative artist and have the ability to hone in on your individual learning style and will cater my coaching to fit your unique life and person.

Are you ready for change?  Then what is stopping you from placing that free coaching call?  I know you are worth living your life for you, not someone else.  You are worth feelings of contentment and happiness.  You can live the life that you have always dreamed of by making thoughtful decisions and actions.  Make it count! Make the call!

Thank you!


H.wake up




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