Standing at a Crossroad.

Daily Prompt: 6/18/2016

I am at a precarious place in my life.  Two of my dreams, and one life path that I have been working towards goals on, are all completely different from each other and all inviting to choose which direction I will go down.  Each decision will change my destiny greatly, and I am confused as to what to decide.  I will break it down.

It is a life long value of mine to travel.  Transformational travel is on my radar to expand to in this Life Coaching business because when I traveled with Ren fairs, I learned that I will never have to be stuck in a situation because there are so many options to choose from in life.  It is a huge value for me to pass this on to my child.  I want to show her that she too can move around and learn from the world.  I want to show her the world is a kind place, that if she has faith in herself and in humanity, that wherever she is, so is her heart.  Well I recently have an opportunity to travel with her.  One huge value and dream to show her life by living it, not reading about it, is staring me in the face right now.  Right now, I must decide quickly if this is the path that we will live for the next year.  If chosen, I will commit to a full year of traveling with child.  She will school online and we will live our life learning and being in close relationship with each other which I long for deep in my soul.

Option 2:

Another life long dream of mine is to own a ranch where I can teach the arts, creative movement, writing and equine healing to youth.  I right now have an opportunity to buy a ranch that is affordable to start the program of my dreams.  This is a dream that I have been wanting since I was a child; much like the dream of traveling since a young person.  I have never been so close to realizing this dream before.  They are merely waiting for me to say the word.  The only draw back to this dream is that I will be very committed and will not be able to move around freely because animals never take a vacation.  They have to eat every day, the program will need work every day.  Youth will need programming every day and personal freedom will not be an option like traveling with daughter.

Option 3:

I could stay exactly where I am at.  I am finally participating in art shows, I have time to paint, parent, and play music.  I am working on Wellness Coaching Certification and do have time to spend on getting my Coaching business more marketing opportunities.  I can still do this on the road and at the farm but I have adjusted to the life I am currently living.  The only drawback to this plan is that I have to work four full time jobs to keep it going and I am tired of being pulled in so many directions all at the same time just to make ends meet.

I do not know what to decide but I am inclined to choose the path of the most freedom.  The farm’s freedom would be that I could live in the country and be around horses and give that gift to youth that may not have the opportunity.  Traveling’s freedom is that I would not have bills so I could spend more time with child which is my number one value, and staying put’s freedom is I already know it, I have time to paint, work on my art and music, and work on my coaching business although I feel scattered by my too many jobs.

What a hard decision but I AM BLESSED!!  I AM GRATEFUL!

6/18/2016  Prompt:

Write about a time when you were at a crossroads.  What did it feel like to have to make such important decisions that had enormous effects on your life?  How did you choose what path to go down?  For me it’s freedom; what is your number one value/?  And expand on it. For me freedom means to be with my daughter more, to teach her values to live by because one day I may be here.  Freedom is a family value: passing something along.  Freedom is a spiritual value: to let go on this plane so that I can be totally free when I die and learn to let go at the moment of death.  Freedom is a physical value:  To be able to move around both in exercise (to have time to exercise) and geography (move around the globe to experience life through experiences).  If you take a look at the decision in this prompt, draw a circle on your paper and divide it up like a pie.  What are the pieces that comprise your pie?  How do they relate to each other?  What values is each decision speaking to?  The pie can look like this:

pie for blog

You can make it look however you want to.  For me it’s easier to look at something because I am a visual person but you have your own ways that work for you.  I would love to discuss this with you also.  Sharing and comparing is very helpful for support and motivation.

Good luck with your crossroads!  Isn’t it wonderful to have so many options?  Don’t forget to be grateful on your journey.  It can make the day so much better and removes personal barriers so that you can help others who are shifting and changing as well.









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