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Silent Moon Coaching Services now offers Zumba.  If you are looking for fitness in your life along with personal life coaching, Silent Moon will come to your business, community center, school, church or whatever appropriate venue in need.  You owe it to yourself and your team to FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOU!  Come join the party and schedule your Zumba class today!!

Create a wonderful Sunday from passion not regret!


Are you ready for change but having a hard time knowing where to begin? Do you have a burning passion that you have always wanted to pursue but you don’t have the time or money to put into manifesting the dream?  Are you living up to your fullest potential?  What does your life look like when you are sending out the highest vibration that you can imagine?  If any of these questions resonate with you on any level, you may benefit from having a personal coach.  I am not only a life coach but also a fitness coach.  I personally have shed 100 pounds over the course of three years by changing eating habits and exercising more than 3 times a week and I am here to tell you that you can too.  Sometimes people get stuck at the first step because they are unsure where to start but they know they want change.  By having a personal coach, you will move towards the life that you know is possible and when you are living in your highest potential, you are sending vibrations into your world that resonate higher thusly bringing in higher vibrational experiences into your awareness.  Don’t you owe it to yourself to be living your purpose?  At one point in my life I thought who am I to be making money by creating art?  I don’t want my passion to become my burden.  If I make a sole income based on my paintings, then I will be chained to the hobby and lose my passion for it.  This notion simply wasn’t true I came to find out.  We are given our passions for a reason and when pursuing what we love and becoming producers of what we love, we are living at our highest potential.  I urge you to consider having a personal coach to get you heading into the direction of your dreams.

I have availability the week of 4/11 thru 4/16.  Please call for your complimentary “walk and talk” session.  We can coach over the phone or in nature or over the phone in nature.  There is no commitment for the initial “walk and talk” but I do require a 3 month commitment if you become aware that a life coach would benefit your life.

“Create a life from passion not regret”




I have two session times available for this week.  Please call me at 612-280-6033 to coordinate schedules.  Thank you all.


April is right around the corner and brings with it “arboretum discovery sessions”.  Discovery sessions are the first place to start if you are designing an alliance with a Life Coach.  Typically these sessions run around two hours and come with a packet of what I call “fleshing out your character” pages.  We begin with goal setting and other tools that you can learn by setting up your complimentary 15 minute sample session.  I design my life coaching around nature, animals and the arts because they are what brings me to life. My goal is to help you transform through these means.  Your discovery session will take place in a natural space either selected by you or jointly at an agreed upon time.  Give yourself the gift of personal coaching.  YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!

Call for your complimentary session today: (612)280-6033


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Went to an amazing Ofrenda tonight celebrating ancestor and spirit through song, dance and meditation. We shifted from yogic moves to focused breath to full blown dancing, giggling and honoring each other and then made offerings to the altar. Miss Lady Tobalyas is back from Greece and graced us with her presence on the djembe conjuring up some serious African earthy beats on the two’s and I felt Jerome in the room. Joy then grabbed me by the heart and whipped my feet around like two spoons stirring some love in a caldron. It was a female only gig which was a serious blessing because if you look at the above picture, I am focusing on the color of creation within my life instead of the dead bones of romance. I felt spirit whisper to accept the gift of tonight as a token of appreciation for working with the homeless. I do love my community and don’t ask for much in return and constantly pray to be able to make a difference in at least one persons life. I accepted with a smile then got lost in singing bowls and a gong, the contrast of light and dark vibrations was a trip, I felt swallowed up by the mixture and then realized what a blessing it was to be in that space with those women in that moment with spirit and the passed ones. I have never experienced anything like it really. So much connection, vulnerability, laughter, good will, love, and truth in the room tonight. The juxtaposition of life and death married in one room, the delicate balance between the two was enhanced by the glow of candlelight; the ghosts drifting from an illuminated alter, caressing our thoughts and wiping tears. Rooms of creative people are different then just normal rooms. There is a fire that burns, it seeps into the skin and penetrates the mind when it mixes, an alchemy of spirit. It erupts the art of the being with after shocks of color and sound. This passion is not fairy tale, it is creation within and without. Blessings and Happy Ceremonies to the living and the dead. 🙂

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