Pulled Up From The Bottom

(Names have been changed for confidentiality purposes.)

The last five months or so I have been feeling burned out from my job. Sometimes the politics get to me, the conflict between co-workers, the lack of funding for our programs, the suffering of some in shelter, repetition of doing the same thing, not having my own animal therapy business yet. All of these things were adding up for me until last week when I encountered a very special person. The chaplain at the Mission referred someone over for help with housing. We made our appointment for four. I walked into the center and noticed this gentleman that I have never seen before because there was an energy coming from him, a mysterious vibe. For some reason I knew this was the gent I would be meeting with. Sure enough, exactly at four he came up and asked if I was Heather, I said I sure am you must be Jack, he then asked how I knew and I told him the same way he knew who I was, we both laughed. As he was telling me his situation, we got on the subject of blessings. I felt like the great spirit was talking through him to me, as if to tell me I am in the right field/place, right time. My heart became heated and I felt the glow that went missing in the summer come back. Given his circumstances I told him I would pay deposit and 1st month rent for him. He stopped talking and shook his head, a huge smile grew on his face. He started talking slowly, he said “you mean to tell me not only are you going to help me, but you are going to help me twice? I have never had help like this before, are you sure? IS this a mistake? YOu must be joking right?” I asked “why are you so surprised? You deserve it just like the rest of everyone. There is abundance everywhere and until you change your mind about what you can and can’t have, what belongs to you and what doesn’t, you won’t allow yourself to receive freely what was meant for you.” He sat silently for a couple of minutes grinning. He said “I want you to know that I really appreciate this, I mean I can’t believe this is happening to me and I am so thankful, you just made my entire year”. I thanked him in return. “Jack, you don’t know how much I appreciate you coming here and giving me this opportunity to not only help you but you also made me see that I am in the right place because just to be honest, I have been so burned out lately because I feel like my job hasn’t had much meaning and I am not pursuing my dream. You are affirming that I am in the right place, meaning does happen, and this is what I show up for so thank you. Besides,you deserve it and I am just glad we met and I can help you.”

Bigger picture: I am so blessed because these things happen when I listen to my higher power. When life becomes mundane and I get fixated on a thing, lately my BIG DREAM of working with the homeless and horses, art and music,then I find it hard to get motivated because I am looking at the lack of the dream in my life rather than the little blessings that are all around like meeting Jack. Although it’s not my personal money to give to help someone out, I have been appointed by a higher resource, trusted to make decisions to help people. This is a blessing. I am truly greatful to be able to help those most in need. Having purpose and fulfillment in what I do is a huge value, I am blessed to be able to be where I am at. Hopefully next time I feel burned out I can return to this blog and remember what is important.

Happy Holidays and New Year!!!!

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