Personal Bio

I am a mom, musician, artist, writer, equestrian and Life Coach.  I am moved and fulfilled by creating things, pieces of music or paintings, or poetry and books about inspiration.  My daughter moves me as do the people I work with at a homeless shelter, their beauty, telling eyes, broken hearts and laughter.  I am passionate and I cry, and laugh and smile and am authentic.  Or at least trying to be.  In my former life I was a mistress of horses, the memory of it following me into this life and my main calling this time around.  My dream is to collaborate with horses and heal people that normally cannot leave the streets, the cracks in the pavement for some solitude and communion with nature.  I am so close to making this dream possible.  I will share my personal journey of how I came to this dream as time allows me to reveal it.  A new blog, this blog, will be growing in time as I grow to know blogging.  I want to offer a free Life Coaching session to anyone but specifically single mothers, artists, musicians, or human service or social workers.  I believe life is not sweet unless I am in service to my fellow human being, seeing them flourish, being and becoming.  email me if you are interested in a free session at  Thank you!

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